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Attention Boarders

Effective immediately:

New Clients and “First Time” boarders, as well as boarding patients that are overdue for vaccines: We now require a wellness exam and vaccines PRIOR to your boarding appointment. This is to ensure quality of care to all of our boarding patients, as well as to establish a client – patient relationship. Please bring all of your pet’s previous vaccine history and medical records to this appointment or email them ahead of time to

It will also help streamline the check – in process on the day of arrival into boarding.

Thank you for understanding and helping us ease through these changes to make the process more efficient.



We offer bedding while your fur-baby says with us to help them feel the comforts of home.
*additional cost
At this time we do not accept person bedding, we came to this decision to help keep things clean and sanitary. This allows us to clean all bedding easily and as much as we need to.


We have an option called Romp and Play. This allows your Fur-baby extra time in our secure fenced in yard. We provide a pool in the warm months and toys for them to enjoy. This option will be only your pet(s) to insure their safety while her. Our boarding staff will spend time playing with them, let them exert some energy and enjoy some sunshine!
*additional cost


We offer a bath the day of pick to make sure your Fur-baby is fresh for pick up! This is a basic bath, there will be no addition brushing or trimming of hair.
*additional cost


We require vaccinations and a fecal exam to be current on your pet. This is to insure the safety of your pet and future pets that visit our boarding area. We want to make sure we provide a safe and healthy environment for your pet.


We care about your dog’s safety and comfort. We encourage you to bring your pets own food to maintain their regular diet and avoid any digestion issues. You may consider bringing a little extra food to make sure they dont run out if you are delayed. If you forget your food for meals – no worries! We have Science Diet on hand.


Monday through Friday 730am to 6pm.
It is best if you can come between 8am and 11am or between 3pm and 530pm
Saturday 8am to 230pm
Sunday (PICK UP ONLY) 4pm-6pm

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