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Office Manager/Veterinary Technician 

In 1999, Mandy embarked on her journey at Meyer Vet Clinic, a place where her passion for animals could thrive. With a career spanning over two decades, she has been a prominent figure in the veterinary world.

Her relentless commitment to the health and happiness of pets has made her a trusted name in the community.

Mandy's own family includes a furry clan of three dogs – Duck, Rowan, and Kennie, each with their unique personalities and boundless energy. They bring endless joy and adventure to her daily life. Liam, her beloved cat, rounds out the family, adding a touch of feline charm to the household.

Apart from her devotion to her four-legged companions, Mandy's heart is equally dedicated to her daughter, Nyah. Together, they form a tight-knit family that shares not only their home but also their love for animals.

Mandy's extensive knowledge and experience as a licensed veterinary technician have earned her the respect of her peers, and her role as the office manager at Meyer Vet Clinic ensures the smooth operation of the clinic, allowing her to continue her mission of providing the best care for pets in need.



Client Service Supervisor

Chrissie is an exceptional member of the Meyer Veterinary Clinic team, where her deep-seated love for animals and unwavering commitment to aiding both pets and their owners shines brightly in her role. Hailing from the charming town of Cadillac, her connection to the community and its furry inhabitants has been a lifelong source of inspiration.

Chrissie's journey with Meyer Veterinary Clinic commenced in 2003, and since then, she has evolved into an indispensable part of the clinic's extended family. Her dedication to delivering top-notch care and boundless compassion to every patient and their human counterparts has forged deep and lasting bonds with both the clinic's staff and its cherished clients.

Beyond the clinic's walls, Chrissie's life centers around her two most cherished companions: her Border Collie Mix, Ryplee, and her loving husband, Trevor. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures in the great outdoors, discovering joy and excitement through their shared experiences. Whether they're traversing picturesque hiking trails or simply savoring the fresh air, Chrissie's passion for animals, coupled with her genuine love for people, makes her an invaluable asset to Meyer Veterinary Clinic and a treasured member of the community.



Client Service Representative

Sam, a native of lower Michigan, has nurtured her love for animals since she was a young child. Her passion for these furry companions has guided her throughout her life and ultimately led her to join the team at Meyer Veterinary Clinic, where she can combine her adoration for animals with her dedication to providing exceptional care.

When she's not at the clinic, Sam enjoys spending quality time with her daughters and boyfriend, Jake, indulging in arts and crafts activities that allow their creativity to flourish. Their shared moments of creativity and imagination bring them closer together, creating lasting memories.

Sam's love for animals extends beyond her work at the clinic, as evidenced by her own furry family members. T'Challa, Rhodee and Cosmo, her cherished companions, receive abundant affection and care from Sam. These special moments of bonding and love help create a harmonious and fulfilling environment for both Sam and her beloved pets.

With her genuine love for animals and dedication to providing exceptional care, Sam is an invaluable member of the Meyer Veterinary Clinic team. Her passion and commitment ensure that every patient receives the attention and treatment they deserve.



Client Service Representative

Since joining Meyer Veterinary Clinic in September 2022, she's been living her dream of being surrounded by furry friends every day.

Lexi's love for animals extends beyond the clinic, where she gets to care for your beloved fur babies. The love of her life is her dog Diesel, the cutest husky in the world.

When she's not tending to the needs of pets, Lexi enjoys indulging in her hobbies. Baking delicious treats, nurturing her garden and spending time outdoors.

Lexi's dedication to the well-being of animals and her warm, caring nature make her an integral part of the Meyer Veterinary Clinic team. Whether she's at work or pursuing her hobbies, Lexi's love for animals shines through, making her a beloved figure in both her professional and personal life.

Alexia 2.jpeg


Client Service Representative

Meet Tara Jo, a dedicated member of the Meyer Vet Clinic team since 2022. When she's not caring for her three wonderful children, Tara Jo is busy tending to her beloved dog, Sabian, and cat, Church. Her passion for animal welfare shines through in her work and her loving home. Tara Jo's commitment to both her family and the animals she cares for makes her an invaluable part of our clinic.



Client Service Representative

Meet Taylor: Your Friendly Client Service Representative

Taylor isn't your average Client Service Representative; she's a dynamic individual with a range of passions that enrich her life and work. Taylor's love for the outdoors was cultivated early on. Whether she's casting a line into a serene lake or embarking on a scenic hike, she finds solace and inspiration in the beauty of nature.

Family and friends hold a special place in Taylor's heart. She cherishes every opportunity to spend quality time with her loved ones, whether it's sharing stories around a campfire or enjoying a beachside barbecue.

Taylor's compassion extends beyond her human connections to the animal kingdom. In addition to her outdoor pursuits and love for animals, Taylor is a creative soul. She's explored the world of cosmetology, experimenting with makeup and hairstyling to unleash her artistic talents.

As a Client Service Representative, Taylor brings her warmth, dedication, and diverse interests to the table. With her friendly demeanor and genuine passion for helping others, she's committed to providing the best possible experience for every client she encounters.



RETIRED 2024 We Will Miss you!!!!


Veterinary Technician 

Marcie is a true lifelong animal enthusiast whose unwavering passion has led her on a fulfilling journey in the field of veterinary care. She embarked on her remarkable career at Meyer Vet Clinic back in 1998, where her dedication to animals and their well-being quickly became evident to all who worked alongside her.

In pursuit of her dreams, Marcie undertook formal education at Baker College, where she honed her skills and knowledge. Her hard work and determination paid off when she proudly earned her license as a Veterinary Technician in 2003. This achievement solidified her position as a respected and integral member of the clinic's team.

One of the many joys of Marcie's professional life is the opportunity to interact with the clients and their beloved pets who visit Meyer Vet Clinic. Her warm and caring nature creates a welcoming atmosphere, reassuring pet owners and ensuring that their animal companions receive the best possible care.

Beyond her bustling professional life, Marcie and her husband, Richard Harvey, have chosen a unique and fulfilling lifestyle. They live off the electrical grid, residing in a cozy cabin nestled in the heart of the woods. Their home is shared with a fluffy husky, Jewel.

Marcie's interests and hobbies are as diverse as her life experiences. She relishes her annual bike ride across Michigan, savoring the natural beauty of her surroundings. On quieter days, you'll find her taking leisurely walks in the woods, engrossed in a captivating book, or cherishing precious moments with her cherished grandchildren.



Veterinary Technician 

Becky, a proud native of Cadillac, has dedicated her life to her love of animals and her unwavering commitment to their well-being. She embarked on her remarkable journey by pursuing a degree in Animal Science, which laid the foundation for her impressive career in veterinary medicine.

In 2006, Becky achieved a significant milestone in her professional life when she proudly earned her license as a Veterinary Technician. Her dedication to the field led her to Airport Animal Clinic, where she honed her skills and expertise over 11 fruitful years. Becky has since, been at Meyer Veterinary clinic since 2018. Her passion for veterinary care and her compassionate approach to animals made her an invaluable member of the team.

Beyond her professional achievements, Becky's heart is rooted in her family. She and her loving husband, Andy, are the proud parents of two wonderful adult children, Drew and Carley. The family dynamic is further enriched by their delightful four-legged companions, including a charming quintet of cats. These pets are not just animals but beloved members of the family, each with their unique personalities and quirks.

In her free time, Becky indulges in a variety of hobbies that add vibrancy to her life. She enjoys retail therapy through shopping adventures, savors the excitement of live music at concerts, finds serenity in lakeside walks, and unwinds with the magic of cinema while watching movies.



Veterinary Technician 

Amber is a dedicated and compassionate individual whose life revolves around her family and her love for animals. She has been an integral part of the Meyer Vet Clinic since 2016, where her passion for animal care shines through.

At home, Amber shares her life with her loving husband, Matt. Together, they have a beautiful daughter named Nora, whose curiosity and love for animals seem to mirror her mother's.

Their household is a lively one, filled with the joyful presence of three dogs: Emery, Frankie, and Prince. Each of these furry companions adds their unique charm and energy to their daily lives.

In addition to their canine family members, Amber and her family are also cat lovers. Raja, Stanley, and Fluffy complete the picture, with their purring and playful antics bringing warmth and coziness to their home.

Amber's role as a vet tech at Meyer Vet Clinic reflects her deep dedication to the welfare of animals. Her expertise and nurturing nature make her an invaluable asset to the clinic, where she works tirelessly to ensure that every patient receives the best care possible.



Veterinary Technician 

Jandney is a dedicated and passionate veterinary assistant who has earned her credentials as an approved veterinary assistant. Her unwavering commitment to animal care and her skills in the field have made her an invaluable member of the Meyer Vet team.

One of Jandney's responsibilities at the clinic is assisting Dr. Brinkman with Cruciate Surgeries, a complex procedure that requires precision and expertise. 

Beyond her technical proficiency, what truly sets Jandney apart is her genuine love for the animals she cares for and her strong bond with her colleagues. At Meyer Vet, she has found more than just a workplace; she considers her colleagues her second family. Her warm and compassionate demeanor not only comforts the animals but also brings a sense of unity and camaraderie to the entire team.

Jandney's dedication to her work, her expertise in veterinary care, and her deep connection with the Meyer Vet family make her an indispensable asset to the clinic. Her journey as a veterinary assistant continues to be marked by her unwavering commitment to the well-being of animals and her passion for making a positive difference in their lives.



Veterinary Technician 

Michelle began her educational journey at Cadillac High School, where her curiosity for animal care first took root. Her passion for helping animals led her to pursue higher education, and she successfully graduated from Baker College of Cadillac, where she earned her License in Veterinary Technology.

With her extensive knowledge and training, Michelle is a trusted and skilled member of the veterinary team. Her dedication to the well-being of animals is not only reflected in her professional life but also in her personal life. Michelle shares her home with a lively bunch of furry friends, including two cats named Fry and Loki, as well as three dogs: Thor, a lab mix; Phineas, an Irish Setter mix; and Nova, a heeler mix. Her love for animals extends far beyond the clinic, and she ensures that her pets receive the best care and attention.

In her rare moments of leisure, Michelle enjoys a few simple pleasures that rejuvenate her spirit. She finds solace in the pages of a good book, often immersing herself in captivating stories. Michelle also loves taking leisurely walks, allowing her to connect with nature and unwind. Perhaps her favorite pastime is simply relaxing with her loving husband, cherishing those moments of tranquility and togetherness.

Michelle's journey from Cadillac native to a dedicated Licensed Veterinary Technician is a testament to her unwavering commitment to animal welfare. Her life revolves around her love for animals and the joy of spending quality time with her family, both human and furry.



Veterinary Technician 

Maddy, a dedicated and compassionate individual, calls Cadillac home, where she resides with her fiancé and shares her life with two cherished canine companions. Her love for animals extends to every aspect of her life, making her a perfect fit for her role as a valued member of the Meyer Vet Family.

In 2020, Maddy reached a significant milestone in her career journey when she proudly graduated from Baker College, earning her degree as a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT). This achievement marked the beginning of her fulfilling career in the field of veterinary medicine, where she strives to provide the best care possible to animals in need.

Maddy's thirst for knowledge and passion for animal welfare are unquenchable. She is currently pursuing her Pre-Vet studies at Ferris State University, a testament to her dedication to advancing her skills and knowledge in the field. Her commitment to continuous learning ensures that she stays at the forefront of veterinary science, always ready to provide the best care to her furry patients.

Outside of her professional and academic pursuits, Maddy's heart belongs to her friends, family, and, of course, her fur-babies. She finds immense joy in spending quality time with her loved ones, cherishing every moment of togetherness. On quieter days, you'll often find her at home, creating a haven for herself and her four-legged companions, where they can relax and bond.



Veterinary Technician

Shelby is a dedicated and compassionate Licensed Veterinary Technician whose life revolves around her love for animals, her son, and a deep-seated passion for adventure.

Shelby's journey in the world of veterinary care began when she graduated from Baker College of Cadillac in 2023 with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree in Veterinary Technology. Armed with her knowledge and skills, she found her calling at Meyer Vet Clinic, where her days are filled with helping furry patients on their path to wellness.

When she's not at the clinic, Shelby is a devoted mother to her beloved son, creating countless memories through thrilling adventures together. Whether it's exploring the great outdoors, embarking on exciting road trips, or simply discovering new horizons, their bond is unbreakable.

Shelby's love for animals extends beyond her professional life, and her home is a testament to that devotion. She shares her life with an eclectic family of pets, including two energetic blue heeler mixes, and two feline companions who undoubtedly keep her entertained. At her mother's farm, there are more horses and a handful of cats, further illustrating her lifelong connection to the animal kingdom.

One might say that big cats hold a special place in Shelby's heart, with lions being her favorite. Their majestic presence and raw power resonate with her deeply. She dreams of a future where she can fulfill her ultimate passion: working with zoo animals. This out-of-pocket dream is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the world of veterinary care and her aspiration to make a difference in the lives of exotic creatures.

In her free time, you can often find Shelby immersed in the world of music, attending concerts with friends or family. It's a thrilling escape from her busy life, where the rhythm of the music takes her to new heights, much like her adventures with her son and her journey in the field of veterinary technology. Shelby's life is a vibrant symphony, harmonizing her love for animals, family, and the pursuit of her wildest dreams.


Ashley S

Veterinary Technician

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Surgery Assistant

Kim is a member of the Manton community, where she has built a loving and vibrant family life. She is happily married to George, and together, they have raised four remarkable adult sons,

Kim's heart swells with pride as she dotes on her four precious grandchildren—a delightful mix of one girl and three boys. These little ones bring immense joy and laughter to her life, and she cherishes every moment spent with them, nurturing the strong family bonds that define her world.

At home, their family is completed by a loyal and beloved companion, Taz, a faithful dog who has undoubtedly played a vital role in the family's happiness.

Beyond her family life, Kim has pursued a rewarding career as a surgery tech since 2005. Her expertise and dedication in this field have made her an indispensable member of the medical community. Her role involves assisting with surgical procedures, and her attention to detail and compassionate care contribute significantly to the well-being of countless patients.

In addition to her commitment to her profession and family, Kim has a passion for horses. She shares her life with a Standardbred mixed horse named Cesar, a magnificent animal that she has nurtured and ridden for years. The bond between Kim and Cesar is a testament to her love for animals and the connection she finds in their presence.

Kim's journey, from her loving family life in Manton to her fulfilling career as a surgery tech and her passion for horses, is a reflection of her dedication to those she cares for and the joy she finds in the relationships she nurtures, both with her family and her beloved animals.


Surgery Assistant

Meet Autumn, a dedicated member of the Meyer Veterinary Clinic team, whose journey in the world of animal care has been nothing short of remarkable.

Autumn's story begins right here in Cadillac, where she was born and raised. She's always been a driven individual, graduating high school a year ahead of schedule to chase her dreams. And what was her dream? Working with animals. This passion has been a constant in her life, a calling that she recognized from a young age, and one she was determined to turn into a lifelong pursuit.

After high school, Autumn wasted no time in pursuing her dreams. She embarked on a mission to find a job in the veterinary field, a place where her heart truly belonged. The path to her dream career took a few years to unfold, but in November of 2020, she found her true home at Meyer Veterinary Clinic. Since then, she's poured her heart and soul into her work, helping to ensure the health and happiness of countless fur-babies.

Beyond her role at the clinic, Autumn's life revolves around her own furry and family companions. She shares her home with two beloved dogs and four affectionate cats, all of whom are lucky to have her as their caretaker. Her dedication to her pets is a testament to her love for animals.

However, Autumn's heart is not limited to her four-legged friends. She finds immense joy in spending quality time with her family, cherishing every moment with them. Most of all, she revels in the thrill of adventures with her husband, Zach, making cherished memories together that will last a lifetime.

Autumn's story is one of dedication, passion, and a deep love for animals. Her journey from a young girl with a dream to a valued member of the Meyer Veterinary Clinic team is an inspiration to all who share her love for the animal kingdom.



Veterinary Assistant 

Emma, a dedicated individual, embarked on her journey in the world of veterinary care in 2021 when she joined Meyer Vet Clinic. As a vet assistant, she has quickly become an essential part of the clinic's compassionate team, where her love for animals shines through in every interaction.

At home, Emma shares her life with two feline companions, Smokey and Lilly. These cats are not just pets; they are cherished members of her family, offering her companionship and comfort at the end of each day.

When she's not busy caring for animals, Emma's passion for music takes center stage. She has an undeniable love for live music and enjoys attending concerts whenever the opportunity arises. Her enthusiasm for the music scene not only reflects her appreciation for the arts but also her zest for life outside the clinic.

Her journey at Meyer Vet Clinic is just beginning, and her impact on the clinic and the lives of the animals she cares for is bound to be significant.



Veterinary Assistant

Taylor is not only a dedicated Veterinary Technician Assistant at Meyer Vet Clinic but also a loving wife and mother. With a strong foundation in her career, she brings her passion for animals and her nurturing spirit to both her professional and personal life.

For eight wonderful years, Taylor has been married to her loving husband, Jeff, celebrating their enduring love every October. Their union has brought immense joy and fulfillment into their lives, creating a loving home for their two beautiful children. Lillian, their four-year-old daughter, and Michael, their two-year-old son, are the lights of their lives, and Taylor's dedication to her family shines brightly in everything she does.

While Taylor's family currently consists of her beloved husband and their two young children, they are also blessed with the presence of Owen, a wise and dignified 13-year-old cat. Owen has been a cherished member of their family, offering comfort and companionship throughout the years.

Outside of her role as a vet tech assistant and her loving family life, Taylor has a unique passion that brings her joy and relaxation: video gaming. She embraces the world of gaming as a way to unwind and indulge in thrilling virtual adventures, allowing her to temporarily escape into exciting new realms.

Taylor's journey is a beautiful blend of her professional dedication, her loving family, and her personal interests. Her unwavering commitment to the well-being of animals and her role as a mother and wife showcase her nurturing nature, while her love for gaming reflects her well-rounded and adventurous spirit.


Sam B

Kennel Assistant


Michelle C

Kennel Assistant

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Kennel Assistant

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