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Our Doctors

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Dr Allen Meyer


Kansas State University: 1973-1980

Dr. Meyer's journey in the field of veterinary medicine has been marked by dedication, expertise, and a profound love for animals. His educational foundation was established at Kansas State University, where he diligently pursued his studies from 1973 to 1980. It was during this time that he honed his skills and knowledge, preparing for a fulfilling career in veterinary care.

In 1986, Dr. Meyer's dream became a reality when he founded Meyer Veterinary Clinic. This marked the beginning of a journey filled with compassion and service to the community's beloved pets. Over the years, the clinic has become a place of healing, comfort, and hope for countless animals and their owners.

Outside of his professional life, Dr. Meyer finds solace and contentment in his personal pursuits. He shares his life with his loving wife, Susan, and together, they are the proud parents of three wonderful children, including two daughters and a son. 

Dr. Meyer's leisure activities reflect his love for the outdoors and the company of friends. He enjoys long walks in nature, finds satisfaction in cutting wood, and cherishes moments spent visiting friends, nurturing the relationships that have enriched his life.

Dr. Meyer's lifelong commitment to the field of veterinary medicine, his dedication to the community, and his love for his family and furry friends are a testament to his enduring passion and unwavering service in the realm of animal care.

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Dr Deborah Brinkman

University of Wisconsin/Madison Veterinary School: 1988

Dr. Brinkman's illustrious career in veterinary medicine has been a testament to her unwavering dedication to the well-being of animals and her commitment to providing exceptional care. Her journey began with a solid foundation in education, as she earned her degree from the prestigious University of Wisconsin/Madison Veterinary School in 1988.

Since then, Dr. Brinkman has been an invaluable member of the Meyer Veterinary Clinic team, where her expertise and compassion have left an indelible mark on the practice. Her years of experience have made her an integral part of the clinic's success, and her commitment to her patients and their families is unparalleled.

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Brinkman finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. She loves immersing herself in the calming embrace of swimming, finding solace and rejuvenation in the water. Spending quality time with her family is of paramount importance to her, cherishing each moment they share together. On rainy days, she seeks refuge in the pages of a good book, allowing her imagination to wander through captivating stories.

Dr. Brinkman's love for animals extends to her own cherished companions. She has a diverse and loving family of animals, including a goat, two cows, three cats, and three dogs. Each of these animals holds a special place in her heart, and her bond with them reflects her deep passion for the animal kingdom.

Dr. Brinkman's journey, from her educational achievements to her dedicated service at Meyer Veterinary Clinic, her love for family, and her enduring affection for her animal companions, paints a portrait of a caring and compassionate individual who has dedicated her life to the betterment of the lives of animals and the people who love them.

Dr S.webp

Dr Sarah Seguin

Michigan State University: 2008

Dr. Sarah Seguin's journey in veterinary medicine is a testament to her commitment to her profession and her love for her northern Michigan roots. Born and raised in the picturesque town of Cadillac, she returned to her beloved hometown after completing her education.

Sarah's academic journey took her to Michigan State University, where she dedicated herself to her studies. In 2008, she proudly earned her degree, a testament to her dedication and passion for animal care.

Her personal life also blossomed during this time. In August 2008, she married Eric, embarking on a shared adventure filled with love and companionship. Together, they have built a home filled with the joy and energy of their three labrador retrievers, Newman, Charlie, and Cosmo, along with their feline friend, Sir Bustopher Jones.

Sarah's love for her northern Michigan home is reflected in her passion for outdoor activities. She embraces the natural beauty of the region by swimming, boating, kayaking, camping, and hiking. Whether she's gliding through the water, taking in the serenity of the lakes, or conquering the trails, Sarah finds solace and adventure in the great outdoors.

Dr. Sarah Seguin's journey, from her education to her return to her hometown, her loving marriage, and her outdoor adventures, showcases her deep love for both her community and the natural world. Her life is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the beauty of northern Michigan.

Dr N.webp

Dr Sarah Nelson

Michigan State University: 2017

Dr. Sarah Nelson's journey through life and education has shaped her into a compassionate and dedicated individual, committed to her profession and cherished loved ones. Born and raised in the picturesque town of Cass City, Michigan, she discovered her passion for veterinary medicine at an early age.

Sarah pursued her academic dreams at Michigan State University, where she dedicated herself to her studies. In 2017, she proudly earned her degree, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her field and her dedication to caring for animals.

Beyond her academic achievements, Sarah finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. She relishes spending quality time with her loving family, cherishing each moment they share together. One of her favorite pastimes is going to the movies, where she can immerse herself in captivating stories on the silver screen.

Sarah's family extends to her wonderful husband, Jarret, who shares her passion for life and love for animals. Their home is a haven for furry companions, including their beloved cats, Parmesan and Reggiano, and their two dogs, Gus and Winnie. These four-legged friends bring boundless joy and laughter to their household.

Dr. Sarah Nelson's journey, from her roots in Cass City to her academic achievements and her loving family, reflects her deep love for animals and her commitment to providing them with the best care possible. Her life is a testament to the power of dedication, compassion, and the pursuit of one's dreams

Dr H.webp

Dr Kelley Hughston

University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine​: 2019

Dr. Kelley Hughston's journey in the field of veterinary medicine is a testament to her dedication, love for animals, and her deep-rooted connection to the Southern way of life. Born in the heart of Mississippi and raised in the charming town of Adams, Tennessee, her early years were marked by an innate love for animals and a desire to make a difference in their lives.

Dr. Hughston's academic pursuit led her to the esteemed halls of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, where she dedicated herself to her studies. Her commitment to excellence and her passion for animal care paid off when she proudly graduated in 2019, marking the beginning of her fulfilling career as a veterinarian.

During her undergraduate years, Dr. Hughston attended the University of Tennessee at Martin, where her academic journey took an unexpected turn - it led her to her soulmate. There, she met her loving husband, Ty Hughston, and together, they embarked on a journey filled with shared dreams and unwavering support for one another.

At home, Dr. Kelley Hughston shares her life with a cherished group of animals who bring joy and companionship to her world. She is the proud caretaker of four magnificent horses, each with its own unique charm, and her loyal canine companion, Ripp, who brightens her days with love and devotion. These animals are not just pets but beloved members of her family.

In her moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, Dr. Hughston finds solace and happiness in her favorite pastimes. She is an avid equestrian, and the bond she shares with her horses is a testament to her deep love for these majestic animals. The great outdoors also beckons to her, and she delights in spending her free time on the lake, where the serenity of the water and the beauty of nature provide the perfect backdrop for her cherished moments.

Dr. Kelley Hughston's journey, from her Mississippi birthplace to her academic accomplishments, her loving marriage, raising her beautiful children and her passion for animals and the outdoors, paints a portrait of a dedicated and compassionate individual who has devoted her life to the well-being of animals and the simple joys of life in the South.

Dr Emily Smith

St George's University, Grenada: 2021

Dr. Emily Smith is a dedicated and adventurous veterinarian who embarked on a remarkable journey to heal and care for animals while satisfying her own wanderlust. Dr. Smith's journey into the world of veterinary medicine began at St. George's University in Grenada. She then launched her career in Emergency Veterinary Medicine in Virginia.
Before landing at Meyer Veterinary Clinic Dr. Smith decided to travel the world, accompanied by her fiancé and two loyal canine companions, Lexi, a vibrant golden retriever, and Ava, an adventurous German shepherd. Together, they embarked on a spectacular journey that took them through an impressive 24
countries. Their travel experiences were enriched by the boundless love they shared for their animal companions.
Dr. Smith's love for the great outdoors is a significant part of
her life. When she's not providing exceptional veterinary care or traveling the world, you can often find her immersed in the beauty of nature. She enjoys camping, hiking, and backpacking, which allows her to connect with the natural world and recharge her spirit.
Now, Dr. Emily Smith continues her mission of animal care and
well-being at Meyer Veterinary Clinic. Her expertise, compassion, and love for her profession make her a valuable member of the veterinary community. Her journey is a testament to her dedication to the welfare of animals and her unwavering sense of adventure, bridging the gap between healing pets and
exploring the world.

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